[2 Pack] BESTTEN 2 inch Shower Drain Base Kit, with Shower Drain Base Flange, Adjustable Ring and Rubber Coupler, Linear & Square Floor Drain Compatible, CUPC Certified, Black
Durable ABS Construction with stainless steel hardware will not rust or corrode Compatible with all shower drains with 2 Inch outlets. 2 Inch is the most common size for shower drain outlets Perfect fit with with BESTTEN linear and square...
BESTTEN Black ABS Shower Floor Drain Base Flange, 2 Inch Threaded Adapter, Linear & Square Drain Compatible, CUPC
Durable ABS Construction with Stainless Steel Hardware will Not Rust or Corrode Compatible with all Shower Drains with 2 Inch Outlets. 2 Inch is the Most Common Size for Shower Drain Outlets Perfect Fit with With Bestten Linear and Square...
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