1/2/3/4 Gang - BESTTEN Screwless Wall Plate, USWP4 White Series, Decorator Outlet Cover, 4.69 Inch x 2.91 Inch for Light Switch, Dimmer, GFCI, USB Receptacle
Modern design enhances the look and feel of your house. The smooth and glossy finish makes it easy to clean. Invisible screw design for child safety Unbreakable polycarbonate thermoplastic material provides perfect impact, heat, and fading resistant performance Easy to...
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1/5/10 Pack - BESTTEN Digital Dimmer Switch with LED Indicator, Horizontal Dimming Slider Bar, Single Pole or 3-Way, Suit for Dimmable LED Light, CFL, Lamp, Incandescent, Halogen Bulb, UL Listed
Electrical Digital Dimmer Switch: Pre-program to dim lights and lamps, provide the best dimming performance while saving energy, easily dims and brightens dimmable LEDs/CFLs (max. 150W) and incandescent/halogen bulbs (max. 600W), 120VAC, 60Hz Convenient Operation: Combined ON/OFF paddle rocker switch...
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1/5/10 Pack - BESTTEN Dimmer Switch, Single Pole or 3 Way, for dimmable LED Light, Halogen and Incandescent Bulb, Vertical Slide Control, ON/Off Rocker, Decorator Wall Plate Included, cUL Listed
Works with most of dimmable LEDs, CFLs, halogen and incandescent light bulbs. Built-in simple & convenient vertical slide control helps you to dim lights easily and precisely. One circuit can only install one dimmer switch Compatible with max 150W dimmable...
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2/5/10 Pack - BESTTEN Double ON/OFF Rocker Light Switch, Single Pole Combination Interrupter, 15A 120V, Dual Control Paddle Rocker, Wall Plate Included, White
Combo Decorator Light Switch: Spacing saving design provides multiple control in a single-gang wall box 15A 120V. Perfect light and Fan switch to control 2 separate circuits Smooth ON and OFF paddles with highly durable springs, providing lower clicking sound...
from $19.99
2/6/10 Pack - BESTTEN Dimmer Light Switch, Single-Pole or 3-Way, 120V, Compatible with Dimmable LED, CFL, Incandescent and Halogen Bulbs, Decorator Wall Plate Included, UL Listed
Support single pole or 3-way applications, decor wall plate included. One circuit can only install one dimmer switch LED Dimmer Light Switch: Provides the best dimming performance for LED bulbs. Simple and elegant horizontal slider dims and brightens with ease...
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BESTTEN (15A/125V/1875W) Wireless Remote Control Outlet Combo Kit (5 Wall Outlets + 2 Remotes), Each Outlet Contains 1 Always-ON & 1 RF Control Socket, Black
Brand: BESTTEN Strong RF (433MHz) signal works through doors and walls without interfering with other electronics, operating from as far as 110ft in line of sight Each wall outlet has one always-ON socket and one remote control socket (can be...
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BESTTEN 1080-Joule Wall Charger Surge Protector, 4 USB Charging Ports (4.2A/5V), 6-Outlet Extender with Dusk to Dawn LED Night Light, cETL Certified, White
Brand: BESTTENFeatures: All-in-one wall charging station(inches)6 AC Outlets | 4 USB Ports | LED Night Light |1080 Joule Surge Protection 4 x DOE6 complied USB charging ports not only power the connected USB devices with maximum charging speed (2.4A/port, 4.2A...
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BESTTEN 1200-Joule Wall Charger Surge Protector, 4 USB Charging Port (4.2A Totally), 6 AC Outlets, Top Phone Holder and LED Indicators, cETL Certified, White
Brand: BESTTEN Color: White Features: 6 Surge Protected AC Outlets: 1200-joule high surge suppression rating provides superior protection for your precious devices, ideal for your home and office computers, theater equipment, coffee machine, TV, and more 4 Reliable USB Ports:...
BESTTEN 1200-Joule Wall Surge Protector, 6-Outlet Extender with 2 USB Charging Ports (2.4A), 15A/125V/1875W, ETL/cETL Certified, White
Brand: BESTTEN Features: 6 outlets triple a standard wall receptacle plus 2 USB charging ports, ideal for your home and office use A 1200-joule rating surge protector protects plugged-in devices from electrical surge damage. Blue LED indicates your devices are...
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BESTTEN 1350-Joule USB Wall Outlet Surge Protector, 6 Grounded Outlets (3 Swivel and 3 Side-Entry), 15A/125V/1875W, 2.4A Dual USB Charging Ports, ETL Listed, White
Brand: BESTTEN Color: White Features: Direct plug-in AC surge suppressor protects your computer/laptop, home theater system, and other devices from a voltage spike and more 2 smart USB charging ports, stable 2.4A output, compatible with Android, iPad, iPod, and iPhone....
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BESTTEN 1350-Joule Wall Surge Protector, 6 Grounded Outlets (3 Swivel and 3 Side-Entry), 2 USB Charging Ports, ETL/cETL Certified, Black
Brand: BESTTEN Color: Black Features: Multifunctional: 6 AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports, allow you to power up to 8 electrical devices, perfect for desktop computers, kitchen appliances, cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices Surge Protection: 1350-Joule surge...
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BESTTEN 15 Amp Slim GFCI Outlet, Auto-Test GFI with LED Indicator, 15A/125V/1875W, Wallplate Included, White
Brand: BESTTEN Color: 1_15A RED 1PK Features: 15A/125V/1875W. Wallplate included Slim design leaves more room for wires in the electric box Self-test function: provides a continuous 5-second internal self-test of GFCI function Back push-in and side wiring options for easy...
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BESTTEN 15A Outdoor Power Stake with 3 Grounded Outlets and 6 Foot Cord, Outdoor Power Strip with Weatherproof Covers and Overload Protection Switch, cETL Listed
Brand: BESTTEN Features: 15A/125V/1875W, 3 grounded outlets with weatherproof covers 6 foot heavy duty extension cord, AWG14/3 SJTW (weatherproof) Overload protection switch with circuit breaker Fire resistant material, weather proof housing, heavy duty cETL Listed, 1-year worry-free warranty Details: BESTTEN...
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BESTTEN 15A Self-Test GFCI Receptacle with Auto LED Guide Light, Tamper-Resistant Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlet, cUL Listed, White
Brand: BESTTENFeatures: 15A/125V/1875W. With integrated LED Night Light, the bulit-in dusk to dawn sensor detects the light level and automatically turns the LED guide light on when ambient light is low and off when ambient light is high Self-Test GFCI...
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BESTTEN 15A USB Receptacle Outlet, 3.6A Dual USB Wall Charger, 15A/125V/1875W TR Receptacle with Dual USB Charging Ports, UL Listed, White
Brand: BESTTENColor: 1_3.6A USB OUTLETFeatures: 15A/125V/1875W (AC) and 3.6A/5V/18W (USB) Smart USB Charger: High quality USB ports up to 2.4A per port and shares 3.6A in total. Smart chip can recognize the device type and deliver the highest and safest...
BESTTEN 16 Wide-Spaced Outlet Metal Surge Protector Long Power Strip, 12ft Extension Cord, 450 Joules, 15A Switch with Circuit Breaker, ETL Listed, Black
Brand: BESTTENColor: BlackFeatures: 15A/125V/1875W. Aluminum Alloy Housing 16 wide-spaced outlets for heavy duty applications 12-foot long extension cord (SJT 14AWG/3C) 450 joule surge suppression rating ETL listed. 3-year warranty. Mounting brackets and screws included. Please contact BESTTEN Customer Support for...
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BESTTEN 1800-Joule Surge Protector, 4-Outlet Power Strip with 4 USB Charging Ports(4.2A Total), 6-Feet Cord and Blue LED Indicator, ETL/cETL Certified, White & Black
Brand: BESTTENColor: 00 4U4AFeatures: 1800-joule surge suppression rating protects your connecting electronics 4 outlet, convenient for your home and office using 4 USB charging ports, up to 2.4A per port, ideal for iPhone/iPad/Samsung and other USB powered devices Unique round...
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BESTTEN 1875W Voltage Converter Transformer (220V to 110V) and Travel Plug Adapter for UK/AU/US/EU/Asia, Gfit Pouch Included, CE and RoHS Certified, Black
Brand: BESTTENColor: BlackFeatures: Universal voltage transformer from 200V/240V to 110V/120V, black color International voltage converter and plug adapter set including 1 main voltage transformer and 4 plug adapters Support Countries: UK, Europe, China, Australia, Middle East, South America, Japan, Caribbean,...
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BESTTEN 1875W Voltage Converter Transformer (220V to 110V) and Travel Plug Adapter for UK/AU/US/EU/Asia, Gift Pouch Included, CE and RoHS Certified, Blue
Brand: BESTTENColor: BlueFeatures: Universal voltage transformer from 200V/240V to 110V/120V, elegant blue color International voltage converter and plug adapter set including 1 main voltage transformer and 4 plug adapters Support Countries: UK, Europe, China, Australia, Middle East, South America, Japan,...
BESTTEN 1U PDU, 8-Outlet Metal Power Strip with 9ft Extension Cord and Surge Protector (900 Joules), 15A/125V/1875W, 19-(inches) Server Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit, ETL Listed
Brand: BESTTENColor: BlackFeatures: 1U metal power strip PDU designed for standard 19(inches) racks 8 grounded outlets.15A/125V/1875W. On/Off switch with 15A circuit breaker 9-foot long extension cord (SJT 14AWG/3C) with cord management and NEMA 5-15P plug 900 joule surge suppression rating...
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BESTTEN 2.4A USB Wall Outlet Surge Protector with Dual USB Charging Ports, 4 Side Entry AC Outlets, ETL/cETL Certified, White
Brand: BESTTEN Color: 5_Side Outlet Extender 2USB 4AC Features: 4 side-entry outlets and top cell phone dock design provide clean look and more flexibility in-home/office 2 USB charging ports (5V/2.4A), 4 AC outlets (15A/125V/1875W) 300 Joule surge protector and EMI/RFI...
BESTTEN 20 Wide-Spaced Outlet Heavy Duty Metal Power Strip with 15ft Ultra Long Extension Cord, 15A/125V/1875W, Overload Protective Switch, ETL Listed, Silver
Brand: BESTTENColor: SilverFeatures: Metal construction perfect for industrial and commercial applications 20 grounded outlets ideal for heavy duty & massive application, wide-spaced outlets perfect for transformers & adapters 15-foot ultra long power extension cord (SJT 14AWG/3C) 15A/125V/1875W. On/Off switch with...
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BESTTEN 20A Self-Test GFCI Outlet, Weather-Resistant and Tamper-Resistant Receptacle with LED Indicator, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, Wall Plate Included, ETL/cETL Certified, Ivory
Brand: BESTTENColor: WhiteFeatures: Self-Test: The GFCI regularly conducts an automatic test to ensure that they're always ready to protect Weather Resistant: Built with UV stabilized thermoplastic for high cold impact resistance, perfect for humid & outdoor environments like bathroom, kitchen,...
BESTTEN 20A USB Wall Receptacle Outlet with 2 USB Charging Ports (3.6A), cUL Listed, White
Brand: BESTTENColor: WhiteFeatures: 20A/125V/2500W (AC Outlets), 5V/3.6A (USB Ports) Smart-chip USB charging ports can deliver the fastest speed for the USB devices Tamper-Resistant receptacle outlet Side wiring or back push-in wiring for easy installation 3 year warranty. UL listed Details:...
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